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Dr Pompa is the head dentist at Dental Easy Care in Tijuana México. He is a third generation dentist who his family artistry extends for over 45 years. His achievement has been carried on his family practice. Since his father’s passing, Dr. Pompa has remodeled the office but has kept one thing, his father black dental chair.

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Most Popular Dental Treatments

Regardless of the problem or illness that you have in your mouth, it can be said that today there are special treatments for each type of case. Treatments that not only help to have an impeccable smile or to eat well, but also, in many cases, help the patient to gain greater self-confidence.

But what dental treatments are the most popular and what are they for?

Zirconium crowns

These are crowns that are created by covering a zirconium base with ceramic, so that the tooth can be shaped. Nowadays it is one of the most resistant materials that can be found among dental treatments.

Porcelain veneers

This treatment is the one used by Hollywood stars to show off a perfect smile during the recordings. This treatment is usually used to correct various problems, among which are correcting the shape of the teeth, accommodate the teeth that are in a bad position and replace missing teeth in the mouth.

The teeth are made with a fine porcelain so that they look natural. Although initially it was something that only famous people or money could use, today is a very common treatment, which can be used by anyone who is a candidate.

Teeth whitening

Perhaps one of the most used dental treatments around the world is tooth whitening. This type of treatment is usually recommended for people who want to have a whiter smile, and it can be done by almost any type of person.

It is not recommended for people who are undergoing other types of treatments such as invisible orthodontics, or who have dental crowns.

Dental implants

This treatment is usually recommended when the patient has lost a tooth. In this technique what is done is to install a titanium screw in the upper or lower part of the maxilla, to be able to place the missing tooth.

It is a very discreet, easy and safe treatment to replace missing teeth, so it has become one of the most popular treatments around the world.

Periodontal surgery

It is a surgery in which what is sought is to give the proper form to the gums that are around the teeth. This technique is carried out with the help of a laser, which removes and reforms the tissue.

More than an aesthetic treatment, periodontal surgery is a treatment that is used to improve the oral health of the patient.


This is one of the most popular treatments to have the perfect smile in a short time. These are veneers that are installed on the teeth, so that you can get the teeth are straight and also look white.

Unlike other treatments, this technique promises to be painless and also another advantage is that it provides the denture with more resistance.

Remember that it is advisable to ask your dentist which treatment is the most appropriate for you, that way you can know if you are a candidate for one of these treatments.