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3 Ways Regular House Cleaning Maid Service Can Keep Your Family Healthy

Nobody wants to live in a dirty home. Dust and grime every, nowhere to move, no storage space in site, and bugs hiding under everything? It’s certainly not most people’s idea of a welcoming, loving home environment. But besides making your home more inviting and, well, homely, keeping it clean can have quite a few other benefits for you and your family. It can even help keep their overall health up.


Glad you asked.

Let’s take a look at the ways regular house cleaning can keep your family healthy.

Keep pests away

Pests love messy homes. The more food and edible items there are around, the more pests you’ll invite into your house. The more clutter and dark, musty hiding spaces, the more breeding grounds you provide.

Pests such as cockroaches, mice, bed bugs and mites carry diseases that can transfer to people. Infestations are therefore an excellent way to invite a host of harmful diseases into your home to infect your family.

By keeping your house tidy, you’ll provide a less inviting location for your local creepy crawlies. Less pests means less diseases, which in turn means less risk of infection.

Stop bacteria

Bacteria are all around us. We cannot escape them. In fact, we need quite a few of them to even live.

But there are many, many bacteria that we don’t want in, on, or near us. Bacteria that will give us nasty infections and make us incredibly unwell.

Cleaning regularly, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom(s), helps curb the growth of unwanted, harmful bacteria. By keeping food preparation surfaces clean, we can prevent bacteria transferring into our food when we cook. Clean bathrooms prevent the spread of bacteria from the shower and toilet to the rest of the home.

But there’s a catch! As much as it’s tempting to just use anti-bacterial everything (wipes, sprays, etc.) when cleaning, this can actually result in stronger, more resilient bacteria. The 1% of bacteria that isn’t killed by those “Kills 99% of Germs!” cleaning agents can grow resistances that they pass to other generations.

Instead, opt for a good old fashioned steam clean every now and then. You’ll kill the germs without giving them a chance to grow a resistance to antibacterial chemicals.

Prevent mold

Mold isn’t quite the same problem that it used to be in ancient times. We don’t regularly hear of people becoming ill and or dying due to mold infections in lungs like we used to. But that’s a thing that can still happen, and I can guarantee at least one person reading this is surprised by that.

Mold can be very dangerous. Airborne particles can get into the lungs and cause severe infections. Hundreds and thousands of years ago humans realized mold was an issue and did everything they could to prevent it. There are even large passages in the Bible dedicated to avoiding and dealing with mold in houses.

Regular cleaning will keep your home clear of mold and prevent the risk of airborne mold infections harming you and your family.