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Advantages of a Good SEO strategy

Nowadays, SEO has become one of the most powerful tools to increase the number of clients that a business has. For this reason, the SEO strategy used is crucial for the proper optimization of search engines.

Despite this, it is common to think that it is not so relevant or that even, it is not necessary to use it. However, things are not the same as before and if you want to grow a business, you need to use a good digital marketing strategy.

Can be found easily

SEO can help your website have more traffic and therefore more customers, because it makes the services and content of your page or website, appear in the main results of the search engines.

It is also not necessary to invest large amounts of money in the paid search, as a study conducted by Conductor, showed that approximately 64% of more than 310 million visits that were made to 30 different pages, was through the search organization.

Can be used equally for B2B and B2C companies

Contrary to what is thought, SEO can be used equally by B2B and B2C companies, it can even be very advantageous for B2B. As shown in the study conducted by the Acquity group in 2014, which revealed that up to 98% of buyers were researching before making a purchase and 77% used the search engine provided by Google.

For this reason it is advisable that as a B2B company one of the priorities is to integrate the specialized marketing team qualified in SEO. So that you can create a good strategy to optimize search engines and generate more traffic.

Generate quality content for the customer

More than outgoing and paid marketing, potential customers access a website due to the quality content that is created with SEO. This quality content is not only directed to the website, but also to the social networks and blogs of a company, thus generating more traffic.

Improve your business reputation

The truth is that when a person seeks information about something that interests him, the first pages he visits are the ones that are better positioned, it is even strange that he looks for other websites. This is because usually the pages that are better positioned are those that have greater credibility.

For that reason, working on a good SEO strategy in Tijuana can gradually improve the credibility of your company or brand. As the web content of your page or the services it offers, begin to position themselves at the top of the search engines.

Stay up to date with SEO

Contrary to what you can think, SEO is a tool that will hardly disappear, however it is true that it is updated and modified every so often. That is why it is important to have a marketing strategy that conforms to the new rules of the search engines.